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All I See Is You (2016)

All I See is you (2016) was a disappointing watch, I felt like the trailer set this film up to be an interesting story. Although after watching I felt like I was misled and as a result the story was not as intriguing as I thought.

Gina, played by Blake Lively, is a young blind woman. She lives in Bangkok with her husband James (Jason Clarke), she undergoes an operation that restores her vision and finally allows her to be herself again. Now that Gina can see, she slowly starts to realise that independence makes her husband becomes jealous and threatened by other people.


Realistically after watching this film I should feel sorry for Gina, as she has had a second chance at life. Although I felt Blake Lively’s performance was so monotone that her character barely changed before and after the surgery, meaning the character never developed or had a journey. Lively played the character as a very distant and rude person, so she did not make me feel sorry for her or happy for her at any moment. In fact, she was so unlikeable that I actually felt more sorry for her husband who was originally set up as some kind of villain. I felt the characters were way too boring and the narrative just never progressed… overall making me feel like the film went on for five hours rather than two.

The genre is described as a mystery/drama, although this has zero elements of mystery to it. There was no thrill or excitement, everything that happened felt as dull as the characters themselves. There were no secrets or red herrings, everything was placed obviously for the audience to instantly know what was going on. If this was a thriller that would not have been the case, the audience would have had clues to try and work out what was happening, that would have added something slightly interesting to the narrative.


This film was filled with long scenes of silence and no excitement, as the director used a lot of point of view shots as barely saw any action (as the main character is blind). Every point of view shot was filled with fuzzy lights and flashes of colour which totally distracted from what was going on, when I recall the film in my mind most of it is blurred images rather than visuals, which is not good but actually incredibly monotonous.


The ending was just as tedious as the whole film put together, after sitting through almost two hours of unmemorable footage we finally get to an ending which makes no sense. I hate when films leave you on a ridiculous cliffhanger, when nothing is explained and nothing is necessary. Without spoiling the narrative for anyone who is silly enough to watch, everything that happens in the ending is the opposite of what I wanted. I felt the wrong emotions for the character and I liked the ‘villain’ and hated the ‘hero’, meaning I hated the ending because the ‘hero’ got what she wanted.

Ironically this film is a blur for me, I still can’t see why anyone would enjoy watching this. It felt long, boring and uninteresting to watch. The acting, narrative and visuals were all dull and fell flat for me. I would recommend this film if you enjoy Blake Lively’s acting and if you enjoy watching a very long drama, otherwise I would definitely give this one a miss.

2/10 probe points


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