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Queen's movie debut, Bohemian Rhapsody | REVIEW | #73

It is my goal for 2023 to review 100 of my favourite films of all time.

Welcome to the Filmprobe Top 100 list...

Bohemian Rhapsody was an absolute knockout when it reached the cinemas, a story that audiences have begged to see on screen for years was finally upon us. I truly emotional, respectful and insightful piece of cinema which I thoroughly enjoy watching over and over again. This isn’t just a biopic, this film is a dramatised version of the story we all think we know and I enjoyed that they added some embellishments and made Queen’s story their own. This is a cinematic masterpiece, a glorious visual spectacle and a display of some truly empowering and heartbreaking performances. Rami Malek was a standout, he brought Mercury to life one last time and I truly appreciate the commitment and dedication to a role this significant.

I magnificent depiction of life for Mercury and the band overall. This film isn't just a story about Freddy Mercury, this is the true origin of Queen and the film takes us through their ups and downs as a band. We feel close to these characters, people who have millions of fans are finally able to feel closer to the music they love so much. Bohemian Rhapsody started the recent love for biopics, dramatised or not, the biopic is a brilliant addition to cinema genre and I personally adore them. Of course, it cannot go without saying that this film isn't strictly factual but nonetheless it shows us a version of Queen and a sneak peak into the creation of some of the greatest music ever made.


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