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Step Brothers (2008) | #60 Review

Step Brothers is a goofy comedy which delivers some of the most slapstick and overtly ridiculous displays of humour. The films central storyline is hilarious, following the surreal lives of Brennan and Dale who are forced to get alone with one another. The story is strong but in reality, this film would be nothing without the presence of Ferrell and Riley, the two actors in the core roles completely dominate this film and make it the comedy classic it is today. Ferrell and Riley have an incredible chemistry on screen and appear to have a genuine connection, they deliver some of the most memorable and epic lines of dialogue which is widely quoted on the daily!

Step Brothers isn’t for everyone, the humour is overly stupid and often relies on the most basic form of comedy. If you don’t respond well to fart jokes and other bodily functions this film might not be for you but regardless, the story is original and hilarious. The cast is unstoppable, aside from the two male leads we see a cascade of talent and the whole cast bring an amazing energy to the film. A stand out for me is Adam Scott, his character of Derek is untouchable! Step Brothers is a low brow form of comedy which is simply made to make you laugh, I can always rely on this film to make me smile, every time, without fail.


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