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Taika Waititi's infamous JoJo Rabbit (2019) | #61 Review

JoJo Rabbit is a brilliant example of genius filmmaking, not being afraid to approach a certain topic through the lens of satire and comedy yet displaying the upmost respect and intelligence on said topic. JoJo Rabbit from the outside is simply a war movie but once you start watching you realise it is so much more than that. Centred around young JoJo who is conflicted about his place in the world as a Hitler Youth cadet. This film was brought to life from the brilliant mind of Taika Waititi, a truly fascinating filmmaker who has an elite eye to detail and a talent for comedy. Waititi also stars in the film had Jojo’s imaginary friend who happens to be Hitler… controversial? Maybe? But this film is approached with the upmost respect and best intentions at heart. A fun watch from beginning to end, it’ll make you smile, it’ll make you cry and it’ll make you think.

The reason this film is on my top 100 list is simply because of how different it is, there is not another film like this one. It will shock you completely and leave you wondering if you should laugh or not, JoJo Rabbit is a divisive movie which isn’t to everyone’s tastes. The subject matter is objectively disturbing and unsettling but the execution is profoundly excellent in every way.

The cast is absolutely unbeatable, each character is brought to life by a captivating actor. All the characters are fully developed and truly lovable in their unique way. Waititi has a talent of making every character have their own unique moment, each person has their own memorable scene within the film. This movie is undoubtably lovable, if you’re yet to watch this yet I cannot recommend it enough. It has moments which will leave you pondering life and the past but it instantly lifts you up and leaves you feeling warm inside.


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