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George Clooney and Brad Pitt star in, Ocean's 11 (2001) | #59 Review

With an all star cast and beyond memorable storyline, with ever confidence I can say, if you’re a fan of heist movies this is one of the best ones ever made. A complex plot, lovable anti-heroes and a truly spectacular job, this movie ticks all the boxes for a true cinematic experience. From beginning to end we are met with the upmost charm and charisma from George Clooney as he herds together his perfect gang of criminals to rob one of the most iconic and popular casinos on the Las Vegas strip. I remember watching Ocean’s 11 for the first time and being utterly entertained by the characters but most of all by the complex and intricate story. The heist movie needs a realistic job, something the audience can see happening in real life, a job so spectacular the audience have no idea if they’re actually going to pull it off or not. This movie delivers in every aspect of suspense and thrill, watching as these characters try to navigate their way through Las Vegas un-noticed is movie magic.

Of course, it should go without saying that the cast make this film so special. Watching Pitt and Clooney work together in the title roles is magic, they have such incredible chemistry on screen which only makes sense as this franchise is alive and well today. This movie has inspired a string of features since its release and I am excited to see what’s next for the franchise in the future.


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