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Disney’s fantasy adventure musical Moana lived up to expectations. 2016 was a successful year for Disney after releasing Zootropolis, The Jungle Book, Doctor Strange and Rogue One, Moana needed to be just as good. Luckily it was, this heartwarming teenager finds herself sailing across the ocean to save her people. She seeks out demigod Maui, who helps her fulfil her ancestors quest and therefore finds her own identity.


This animated adventure makes you feel good after watching. Like Frozen, every song is perfect and the characters have so much charm it’s a joy to watch. Each song has an edge and humour inside, all the of them have a tribal feel which I loved.

Moana is voiced by Auli’i Cravalho, a young Hawaiian girl who has the most sensational voice. Moana as a character is very feisty and determined, she loves her family which adds the emotion to this story. She has a recognisable Disney beauty with her long, wispy hair and huge eyes. Her costumes and accent both reflect the culture in Hawaii which brings a new flair and presents a completely new side to what Disney can do.

Maui (Dwayne Johnson) is an original Hawaiian myth, he’s huge, bulky character covered in tribal tattoos, he’s charming and yet very funny.His voice is also beautiful, Johnson isn’t known for being a strong singer but his cheeky attitude and sarcastic tone really adds something and makes his character very likeable.

moana on island disney

Disney hit the nail on the head with these two characters, both are very different and are forced to be in each others company throughout the whole film. We see their relationship grow and the chemistry between them flourish, making this film engaging and unique to watch.

The story-line itself is simple but executed well, for a film which visually shows a lot of ocean scenes it doesn’t get boring. The scene-stealing idiotic chicken Hay-Hay (Alan Tudyk) for one, makes this film humorous and loveable whilst not being predictable. 


Personally I love this film, the overall story line is easy to follow yet interesting and full of surprises. Each character is unique and captivating to watch on-screen. The animation is crisp whilst still holding onto that Disney essence.

If you love Disney, or if you don’t, you have to watch this film. It gets better every time I watch it and the songs cannot get out of my head.

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