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Is "Challengers" the Hottest Sports Movie of the Year? A Film Review

Considering this movie is entirely based on a sport I do not tend to enjoy, Challengers (2024) truly surprised me with its originality, style and execution. Challengers is not a simple feature, from the director who brought us ‘Call me by your Name’ and ‘Bones and All’, this is a heavy, enthralling game of love and success.

Zendaya delivers a dangerously likeable role as Tashi, in a dream role for the actress her performance was different from anything we’ve seen from her. She harnessed her sexuality whilst retaining a harsh and strong willed persona for Tashi. Tashi is a tough character, she is the central catalyst on the narrative, everything happens the way Tashi wants it too. She is the core of the story and Zendaya lived up to the challenge.

Although Zendaya’s character was the heart of the story, Faist and O’Connor were incredible supporting actors who performed as worthy opponents. The love triangle was fascinating to watch for the duration of the film. The two actors served as worthy competitors, providing engaging and distinct characteristics which made them desirable. Faist and O'Connor showcased two dimensional characters with a range of emotions, both characters transcended on a journey of self discovery whilst tackling the constant obstacle of their friendship; Tashi.

If the plot wasn’t enough to keep you engaged, Challengers is full of stylised moments told through the editing, camera techniques and soundtrack. This film is not a simple ‘sports’ movie, it served as a thrilling and engaging visual feast. Looking back on the film I am confident I will be watching it again but initially, I am in awe of the filmmaking and the execution. I never expected this film to be as fast paced and unconventional as it was, I was not expecting the juicy storyline at the core and I was not expecting to be inspired by it.

Challengers is a form of tennis in itself, Tashi being the ball and the two men in her life being either side of the court. She volleys back and forth in hopes and finding the answers she desires but in reality her true love is with the game itself, not the outcome.

Challengers felt like a steamy sports commercial. With brand deals galore, slow motion dripping sweat and sexual tension around every corner - this film is undeniably entertaining and truly memorable. I found myself unable to think about anything else once leaving the cinema, in awe of every detail, every shot, every sound and every movement. Each element was stylised to the core, fully thought out conceptually and utterly pleasing to the eye.

Easily the hottest sports movie of the year and I would argue Challengers is one of the hottest sports movies, ever.

4.5 / 5 Probe Points


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