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Fantastic Mr. Fox | REVIEW | #76

It is my goal for 2023 to review 100 of my favourite films of all time.

Welcome to the Filmprobe Top 100 list...

A fantastical display of childish wonder and delight. In my opinion, on of Wes Anderson’s best features to date. Fantastic Mr. Fox is the true embodiment of Roald Dahl’s nostalgic book of the same name. Fantastic Mr. Fox is a character most young British children are familiar with and Anderson brought Dahl’s pages to life in one of the most memorable and truly entertaining animated classics. This movie will transport you to the world of childhood fantasy, it makes you feel warm inside and reminds you how special it is to watch movies that simply make you smile. The voice cast is insane too, once learning all the famous faces who embody these characters I was shocked! A magical watch time and time again, this movie never fails to lift my mood and simply bring me some joy.

Growing up with this children's book being one of my all time favourites, I remember when this movie was released and how it quickly became a timeless classic to me and my family. Wes Anderson used every element, every cinematic aspect possible to bring these characters to live in the most organic and lovable way. It is a truly magical experience to watch this movie, it has become an instant classic with audiences since its release. It still breaks my heart to learn it wasn't an instant success, Fantastic Mr.Fox was almost considered a flop when it first hit cinemas, the box office revenue was extremely low for such an intricate and delicately constructed movie. This is a perfect example of charming cinema, a beautifully brought to life story that I cherish and always will.


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