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A24's Horror/Comedy, Bodies Bodies Bodies (2022) | Review

Bodies Bodies Bodies (2022) is a uniquely enticing horror, thriller which uses a number of typical tropes and conventions to thrill and excite its audience. This movie sets up a lot of suspense in the beginning and gives a hugely satisfying and hilarious end to the nightmare. We see a group of old friends awkwardly reunite for a party, some guests are visibly not wanted. Next, one of the group is found dead, they all panic and try to eliminate the killer amongst them. This film escalates very quickly, the beginning sets up a sweet storyline between Sophie and her new girlfriend Bee. Sophie is a cautious character, you cannot work her out from the very beginning and she makes for a brilliant suspect.

The story is simple yet it has several layers, at its core this is a whodunnit story but once you continue watching we get to see the cracks form in each relationship and how quickly friends can turn on friends.

The whole cast did a brilliant job at reflecting the affected lives of youth in todays society, with the slightest glimpse of fear everyone in this movie resorted to the most dramatic measures. As a whole, I found the film to be somewhat believable, I have no doubt that something like this could happen in real life and I really enjoyed that attention to detail. Each moment, death and relationship felt truly intentional and believable, take notes, do not do what these characters did!

Each character was cast well but a stand out for me was Rachel Sennott in the role of Alice. A sweet yet ditsy girl who goes along with the events of the night, she was a core character for me and Sennott performed her very well. The movie was paced well but it did get a little repetitive in the middle, once the game had started and the lights were off it was a little slow… until the first murder.

Overall, this film was not at all what I was expecting. I was completely surprised by the ending, my jaw was on the floor. A truly shocking, thrilling and hilarious film that I will highly recommend to everyone I see. This cannot go missed. If you enjoy thrillers, murder mysteries or your basic teen horror movie, this film incorporates all the best elements and merges them into one fantastical movie full of gasps and laughs.


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