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We have a Ghost (2023) supernatural comedy lacks spirit | Review

We have a Ghost (2023) definitely attempts to deliver endless comedy whilst juggling a strained family dynamic and a murder mystery, this Netflix feature is simple and easy to watch. I found the characters the be likeable, the Presley family all have great chemistry and were a believable family unit. Harbour’s ghost ‘Ernest’ was also a sweet and likeable addition to the family, even though he didn’t utter a word throughout the whole feature.

Family ghost stories have be done before, this movie felt like a reimagining of Disney’s The Haunted Mansion (2003) or Beetlejuice (1988) or Casper (1995). All of these movies have a similar idea, a lonely and troubled kid finds friendship and comfort in a ghost living in their new home. The narrative is simple and over time becomes less and less enjoyable because it becomes less and less original.

We have a Ghost (2023) attempts to throw in modern references to fill out the blandness of the story and make it relatable to their target audiences. Watching a load of ‘tiktokers’ and ‘YouTubers’ invade the movie felt like a slight sell out, gimmicky and unnecessary. I think the intention was to add humour but instead it added cringe and sent the movie into a downwards spiral. One moment I did enjoy and which stood out to me was the slow motion scene of Ernest running through the buildings, it was a simple scene but added some genuine fun to the movie.

It’s hard to reinvent a classic story for the new ages, a viral ghost story just doesn’t make for entertainment anymore. As I said, all the performances were great including Jennifer Coolidge, who can normally save any movie but sadly her presence wasn’t big enough to distract from the storyline.

Overall, director Christopher Landon has brought us a number of genuinely entertaining horror/slasher movies in the form of Happy Death Day (2017) and Freaky (2020) but this movie doesn’t deliver the same way those do. The story simply wasn’t there for me, it fell flat and attempted to reinvent a narrative which has been done perfectly time and time again. The comedic haunted house story is dying and unless someone with a strong vision attempts it, this concept will never succeed in the modern world of cinema.


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