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The Last of Us, The Finale | Episode 9 | REVIEW

A breathtaking, heart wrenching, diabolically genius and decisive final episode for this unbelievably intense and compelling television series. The Last of Us hasn’t missed a beat, every episode had its own story to tell, each moment felt memorable and completely necessary. I have enjoyed every single second and Episode nine was simply the cherry on top. A beautiful, sadistic triumph of television, the grand finale shows our lead character Joel in a new light, we always knew what he was capable of but now we see how quickly he can turn. Pedro Pascal took Joel on a grand and enticing journey through this episode, we start with some of the most charming and heartwarming moments between him and Ellie before he completely looses his humanity. Pascal can transition from one extreme to the next with complete ease, a talented actor is an understatement.

Bella Ramsey has some hard moments to capture during this episode, after Ellie’s traumatising events from the previous episode Ramsey also transitions Ellie gradually and believably during the course of this episode. Ramsey is a commanding actor, natural yet demanding your attention. The two have performed astronomically well together during this show and I cannot wait to see them perform along side each other again.

Episode nine was thrilling to say the least, with an unexpected reveal and a bias grip on reality, it was painful yet triumphant to watch Joel parade through the fireflies to save Ellie. After all this time, all the suffering, the losses and the heart ache, it all came down to this episode and they did not disappoint. Episode nine will shock you but it will entice you, it will make you question Joel’s integrity but it will also make you love him even more.

This show is incomparable, one of the best written, performed and executed television shows I have had the pleasure of watching. Truly unforgettable, if you are yet to watch this series I cannot recommend it enough. This is not strictly a post apocalyptic series, this show is not about survival, this is a show about relationships, family, protecting the people you love most. This is Joel and Ellie’s story, an unconventional story but an utterly beautiful, heart felt and unforgettable one at that. The Last of Us (2023) has truly floored me, I feel so taken by the characters and the execution of this series it has completely taken me for a loop. I am in love with the actors, their portrayal of the video game characters but most of all, the high sense of respect and dedication that has gone into making this show one of the most visually beautiful I have ever watched. This isn’t just a zombie show, this is so much more than that.


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