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Playfully Troubling A24 Horror, Talk To Me (2022) | Review

When a group of friends discover how to conjure spirits with an embalmed hand, they become hooked on the new thrill and high-stakes party game -- until one of them goes too far and unleashes terrifying supernatural forces.

Talk To Me (2022) is an amalgamation of several different styles of genre, incorporating strong themes of horror and thrill combined with modernistic comedy. Talk To Me (2022) lunges audiences into a modern horror story, the troubles of social media and the implications of young ignorance.

Talk To Me (2022) is a film I've been waiting to watch, the trailer hooked me from the music alone and my expectations were highly exceeded from the get go. Beginning with the central character, Mia and showing us her mental struggle after loosing her mother. One thing leads to another and soon Mia finds herself at a party gathering where the hand of a passed medium is placed in front of her, as Mia connects with his hand she finds herself in touch with the spirit world. She becomes addicted to the feelings and hopes she will soon connect with her mother, as to be expected the spirit world is far more intelligent than the teenage mortals videoing for snapchat and things quickly escalate into a nightmare.

Talk To Me (2022) was nothing like I expected, it was engaging, horrifying and often had be giggling at the sheer stupidity of the characters choices. I truly magnificent display of grief and temptation, watch as each character slowly spirals out of control, especially poor Mia.

Talk To Me (2022) featured some of the most original music compositions I have ever experienced in horror, with a whimsical and poetic take on the supernatural the music was easily one of the strongest elements to this movies overall atmosphere and tone.

Mia, played by Australian Sophie Wilde was a fascinating character, she was remarkably flawed but helda sense of trust with the audience. I did not expect her journey to progress and develop as much as it did, she starts and end in completely juxtaposed position and fully alters as a person. Her development was key to the story and without Wilde's brilliant performance she would not have been half as compelling. Wilde played her with an innocent but also with a deep darkness, we trusted her as an audience but she quickly showed her true intentions and selfishness which led to the trajectory of the films narrative.

Talk To Me (2022) in a nut shell was an original piece of cinema, harnessing typical horror tropes and familiar plot points to ultimately create a unique story which an unpredictable plot and ending. I highly recommend this horror to any fans of the genre, it was distinctly different from others in the genre and incorporated many hidden themes and ironic moments.


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