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Netflix's Your Place or Mine (2023) | Review

Your Place or Mine (2023) is yet another fluffy Netflix romance comedy. These style of movies are mass produced recently and sadly, it shows. Although the story is semi-well written and despite Kutcher and Witherspoon having great on screen chemistry this movie falls flat and relies far too heavily on basic and fundamental codes and conventions of the typical, rom-com. Essentially, this movie ticks all the same boxes as every other rom-com to come from Netflix in the last five years.

Your Place or Mine plays with the similar concept from the nostalgic Christmas flick, The Holiday (2006). Having people swap homes and enjoy living a completely different lifestyle in a new place, the concept has been done before but it was changed enough to be intriguing. The characters, although performed well by their actors, were barely likeable. Kutcher’s Peter was an uptight and mediocre attempt at a dreamy love interest and the same goes for Witherspoon’s uptight mother who won’t let her kid breathe. We’ve seen these characters time and time again, it’s boring. Also, the child actor was one demential and similarly to all the characters in his movie had very little personality, all the characters were one demential and again, simply uninteresting.

Overall, Your Place or Mine (2023) set out to be a mediocre romance comedy with a simplistic storyline and forgettable characters, it succeed to do just this. I found this movie to be a chore to watch and sadly, I’m bored of the Netflix mass production of subpar movies. Romance comedies shouldn’t be this poorly written, these stories and characters deserve more.


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