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M3GAN (2022) is a Horror Icon | Review

We’ve heard of Annabelle, we’ve all seen Chucky but now it’s time for a new doll, Megan! What starts with a tragic family accident quickly turns into hilariously creepy attempt to nurture and help a young girl in need. I wouldn’t say M3GAN is an original story or something completely unique, we’ve seen similar stories within the horror genre but this film stood out among the rest. It’s creative initiative to blend comedy with horror was the perfect route to take, the murders were creative and overall the storyline was dynamic and thrilling. It started off fresh with the Funki toy advert, it set the tone off right and I can confidently say Megan has unlocked a new fear in us all- let’s just say I’m looking at my Alexa differently.

Filmprobe’s favourite moments definitely include the weirdly iconic dance scene but our stand out scene was the Forrest chase scene, although it wasn’t scary and more comedic I still found this scene to be the most memorable. When Megan pulls the kids ears off the pushes him down the hill to his death, truly disturbing and hilariously brilliant! Especially her creepy crawl on all fours!

Although the story was predictable and it felt obvious how the plot was going to play out it didn’t take away from the genuinely entertaining villain. The final fight was a perfect end to this film, seeing Gemma and Cady get their own back on Megan and completely destroy her was a satisfying climax. Then, the final reveal, is she really gone? I’d happily see Megan in a sequel, taking over control of the house through technology. Overall, M3GAN was a memorable and entertaining viewing experience, seeing it on the big screen only magnified the thrill. Highly recommend the feature to any horror fan, it isn’t strictly ‘scary’ but definitely a fun addition to the many ‘dolls’ of horror!


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