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Jordan Peele, a Master of Horror Cinema | Appreciation Post

Jordan Peele is an Oscar and Emmy winning director, writer, actor, producer and founder of Monkeypaw Productions. Being a comedy genius in his own series Key & Peele (2012-2015) and having featured in 20+ movies and tv shows, it is no doubt that Peele is a talented and capable individual. Peele has single handedly changed what we associate with horror, he didn't do it alone but he is definitely a key visionary in the adaptation of the horror genre. Peele has elevated the genre in many ways, one being his attention to storytelling. In 2017 when Get Out was released Peele shocked audiences with his professional approach to horror and blurring the lines between reality and fiction- Get Out isn't a real story but it could be and that is what is so terrifying about his stories. Peele finds the balance between entertaining horror and the overshadowed flawed in society, his films primarily speak on race and racism, incorporating these themes through character and narrative only magnifies the threat within his features and make them all the more though provoking.

I am drawn to Jordan Peele as a filmmaker because of his passion for cinema, his most notable features include Get Out, Us and Nope, all of which highlight and show appreciation to some of cinemas greatest moments. I love his attentional to detail in every feature he makes, it always pays off and brings a smile to my face when I notice the references. Peele is easily one of the most progressive and original horror filmmakers in the last decade- his three notable films have some of the best score with audiences and critics and myself included. A powerhouse creative with an untameable imagination.

Get Out is easily one of my favourite films of all time, exceptionally written, incomparably performed and brutally shocking in every way. When I sat down to watch Get Out for the first time I had no idea what I was getting myself into and thank god I did, I was floored by the pure imagination of the narrative and the utter confidence it takes to make a film like this. Get Out is magnificent and truly a masterpiece of filmmaking and storytelling.

Jordan Peele challenges racial profiling, prejudice and the idea of an inferiority complex by displaying it through basic horror conventions. He shows us how terrifying our own world can be when you look at it hard enough, Get Out is an overtly horrifying narrative but Peele showcases it to us through a compelling and believable context. Get Out is genius filmmaking, I can watch it over and over and always be amazed by his vision. I also want to add that Daniel Kaluuya is absolutely unbeatable, a true star in the making, his performance in Get Out is nuances and subtle but so incredible watchable.

Overall, Jordan Peele has shown audiences time and time again what he is capable of. He is an unforgettable individual with many strings to his bow. He has a brilliant outlook on life and showcases that through his characters, he has a captivating which bursts through his scripts and showcases his unique and pure originality. He is also a hilarious comedian, which often doesn't go hand in hand with a horror director but Peele is absolutely brilliant in his sketch show Key & Peele along side Keegan Michael-Key, the two have iconic voices and a prominent presence in the comedy scene.

Peele is an all around talent, it's almost annoying how brilliant he is. I want nothing more than to meet him or work with him one day, what a dream that would be.


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