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Edward Scissorhands Takes the Stage, A Glorious Dance Production on Tour | Theatre Review

Since its premier in 2005, Matthew Bourne's Edward Scissorhands leaps to the stage to steal the hearts of audiences all over the country and finally I understand why it is regarded so highly. I went into this performance with zero expectations, with no prior knowledge of the shows execution or prestige. In my position I was surprised to quickly learn there was no dialogue or narration to this story, although at first this was my own oversight it truly adapted my viewing experience. Having never seen a ballet before I was utterly fascinating and completely drawn in to every minute detail unfolding in front of me.

This production utilised some of the most ingenious theatre methods to bring this movie to life, tableaux was used to create scenic stills of the villagers, mime was used to over exaggerate context and intention without the use of dialogue and physical comedy was a large factor to helping the jokes land successfully. The lake of dialogue could be seen to some as a deterrent to see this marvellous show, that would be a mistake. This ballet was moving and unforgettable, each element was carved with creativity and talent which made the absence of words obsolete; this show tells you everything you need through the art of movement and physicality.

Edward Scissorhands is a beautifully poetic story unlike anything else, this performance harnessed all the best moments from the film and elevated it to a level of wonder and delight. This dance production truly opened my eyes to the world of dance, choreography and storytelling; this production will leave you in awe of the talented cast and in disbelief of the dazzling sets and costumes.

The cast were all incredibly committed to their roles, if you took a second to look away from Edward you were met with a sea of performers all giving one thousand percent to their characters unique style and timing. I loved analysing each characters specific mannerisms and charm, making each truly distinct from the next.

The set was simple enough to blend in with the fast paced dance sequences but it was detailed enough to embody the films heart whilst being practical and unique. I particularly loved how the peaceful town of Lutz Florida was portrayed, with bold colours it was hard to not be in awe of the sets.

Overall, I could gush and swoon over this show for pages upon pages. To save you the time, this show was magical and whimsical. This show was a truly elevated version of the cinematic masterpiece and brought to life timeless characters on stage, I was utterly fascinated by the talent and truly moved by the hauntingly beautiful music from Danny Elfman and Terry Davies - this is a ballet you simply cannot miss.


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