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Discover Cardiff Animation Festival | What's On?

Discover Cardiff Animation Nights and Support Recognised Welsh Animation

Published in Cardiff Life Magazine Edition 278

Cardiff is a hub for creativity, producing a variety of content made by Welsh and Wales based artists in our talent-filled capital. From feature films to leading television series’ Cardiff always has a new venture to discover, like Cardiff Animation Nights.

Founded in 2014 by award-winning animator and director, Lauren Orme who later co-developed the Cardiff Animation Festival (CAF) in 2018. Cardiff Animation Nights is a celebration and showcase of talented animators work. From computer animation and motion graphics to classic stop-motion and claymation, this festival exhibits every possibility the craft has to offer from creatives all over the globe.

Hosting both in-venue and online events throughout the year, you can experience some of the best animated short films from the global animation festival circuit right here, in Cardiff! Did I mention you can enjoy this innovative media presentation for free? CAF offers you a chance to widen your horizons and expose yourself to new and upcoming animators each month. Giving locals the chance to watch independent animation on the big screen, whilst brushing shoulders with like-minded individuals or first time enthusiasts. Recent in-venue screenings have been located in Cardiff’s newest underground bar, The Underdog, tucked away on Guildhall Place. Inviting an escape from the mundane and a chance to unwind from the outside world.

CAF offers an assortment of features each screening, which include a collection of motifs. The festival is unpredictable and as a viewer every film will have a different impact, exploring an abundance of themes from relationships, mental health, identity, sexuality and belonging. Each piece is seen as a stand alone voice from which the creator wishes to share to a welcoming and inclusive community. In 2020, CAF decided to break down the barriers that neurodiverse animators face within the industry, welcoming them to the ‘Different Voices’ showcase. Bringing their work to the fourfront and paving the way for more opportunities and visibility.

As we wrap up 2023, Cardiff Animation Festival showcases their Awards ceremony this December but luckily 2024 is right around the corner. If this festival tickles your fancy and you want to experience a night filled with heart-warming, moving and often charming animation, this festival is one not to miss. Visit the Cardiff Animation Festival website to learn more about their upcoming screenings and where to find them next year, indulge in unseen animated marvels and enjoy a relaxing night of entertainment and talent.


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