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Incredibles 2 (2018)

I remember when The Incredibles came out fourteen years ago. I remember watching it for the first time. I remember going to The Disney Store and buying my very own Incredicar, that film was a huge part of my childhood and being able to finally see what happens next was a dream come true.

I love Disney and I believe in them to make a brilliant film, considering the original Incredibles film was so amazing I had no doubts that the second instalment would be any different. I was right, from beginning to end I had a huge smile on my face.


Incredibles 2 (2018) starts right where the last film ended, it felt like no time has passed. The narrative was so original and really well thought out, finally our favourite superheroes are recognised for being good people and they’re finally being made legal! To make the transition easier Helen takes the spotlight and fights crime again as Elastigirl! Leaving Bob at home to watch the kids, he struggles with the challenges of ‘normal’ life, especially when Jack-Jack’s powers start to emerge… all seventeen of them! New villain the Screenslaver hatches a brilliant and dangerous plot that encourages the whole family and Frozone to work together and save the city.

The narrative was really empowering, let’s have the female character fighting crime and taking charge rather than the male characters. Stereotypical superheroes are male so I loved how Disney thought they’d change the norm and give Elastigirl a go instead of Mr.Incredible.


Screenslaver, although a corny name the villain was actually pretty creepy. Hypnotising people through screens and controlling what they say and do, I think Disney always like to put a hidden message in there. Basically, kids get off your phones!

I thought it was very clever to give Jack-Jack a bigger role in this film because in the original he is hardly in it. His adorable mannerisms and baby noises really made the film extra special, he was the star of the show! His new powers are so random and hilarious it really added a new thread to the narrative and incorporated a light hearted atmosphere to the intense story of the Screenslaver.


The addition of new superheroes felt very abrupt, the transition into a group of brand new character was quick and we did not really get time to like them. This addition felt very Marvel, even their costumes and names reminded me of Marvel characters rather than Disney characters. Of course, Marvel is now owned by Disney but I personally did not like this cross over, it felt forced and a little confusing.

Overall, I am so pleased to have finally seen this film. The characters new and old all contributed to making this film one of my new favourites, the narrative was so clever and I loved how Disney were not afraid to change it up a bit.

Honestly, I would encourage everyone to go see this film, it is a true masterpiece. Incorporating humour, family and adventure into one in order to create the perfect Disney movie of 2018.

9/10 probe points


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