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Ginny & Georgia Season 2 (2023) | Review

Ginny and Georgia season two builds on the conversation of race, culture and relationships from its predecessor. Season two definitely delivers more for Ginny’s character. Season two wasn’t half as impactful as season one, the first five episodes were very dull and bland- as we got to episode five everything changed, the gloves came off the the drama began. I found season two to be highly suspenseful and enjoyable once the Christmas themed started, stick with it, it’s definitely worth it by the end. Leaving us on an unthinkable cliff hanger, I cannot wait to see what’s in store for the inevitable season three.

Ginny & Georgia (2022) has been commended for its commentary and focus on Ginny’s struggles being biracial amongst peers and subconscious oppression. This series highlights what’s its like to be raised by a white person when you’re black- showing the ins and outs of that strained relationship. Season two combats some serious issues, especially racism along with the themes of murder and justice… Ginny is experiencing a pinnacle point in her life and I enjoyed watching her fight back for what she believes in. In saying that, Ginny wasn’t written very well this season, she was a hard to tame and beyond selfish character who often ruined episodes for me overall. Aside from that, Georgia’s development was catastrophic. Georgia’s past comes creeping up behind her and she definitely isn’t getting away this time, performed perfectly- Georgia Miller is a powerhouse character who it extremely likeable and helps each episode flow.


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