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Loki (2021)

The time has officially arrived and I’ve shed a single tear of joy. Loki has been released on Disney plus and the world cannot handle it. First WandaVision now The God of Mischief is back! He’s ready to step out of his brothers shadow to embark on an adventure that takes place after the events of ‘Avengers: Endgame’. Let’s get stuck in and break down the episode piece by piece...

((Do not read beyond this point to avoid spoilers)) Episode one reminds us why we all love Loki so damn much! The first episode set the standard high for its predecessors, this series is going to be a whirlwind and I cannot wait to be blown away. This mini series will have the most impact on the MCU that’s for sure, we start this episode with Loki as he steals the Tesseract, he is then captured and taken to the TVA where they analyse his decisions and explain why exactly he got to where he is. Loki is a fascinating character and he will drive this series into success, I am hooked and obsessed with what is to come. I trust Disney to deliver the best possible storyline and I trust they’ll bring us moments we never thought we’d see...

Disney had a lot to live up to after WandaVision and I can already tell Loki is going to be just as complex and just as outstanding! The writing is incredibly intelligent and it’s obvious this series will be mind bending; what else do we expect from Loki?! Tom Hiddleston is made to be this character and I am so pleased he is finally getting his own redemption story! Bring on episode two, I can’t wait for my brain to explode!


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