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Disney's Mexican Fairytale, Coco (2017) | #71

Coco is a beautifully crafted piece of storytelling, emotional, nostalgic and sentimental. Coco (2017) is a family adventure movie which will break your heart and piece it back together again, one of the most touching and uniquely told Disney stories to date. I beautiful depiction of Mexican tradition and heritage which can enlighten so many audience members, Coco is a respectful and honorary movie which brings the Day of the Dead festival into all of our homes. A vibrant, bold display of colour, music and character. Miguel is one of the sweetest Disney characters to date and I can easily watch him sing over and over again.

Coco is a special movie, it is easily one of the most powerful stories of family. A heart wrenching display of life and how much we should cherish the time we have with out ancestors and always remember them to keep them alive. I cannot stress enough how beautiful this movie is, if you are yet to check out Coco I cannot recommend it enough. Get your tissues ready though!


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