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Bridget Jones' Diary, the Queen of all Rom-Coms | #70

Bridget Jones's Diary is a 1996 novel by Helen Fielding. Written in the form of a personal diary. The movie, Bridget Jones’ Diary shares the life of a thirty-something single working woman living in London. She writes about her career, self-image, vices, family, friends, and romantic relationships… the good and the bad. Renee Zellweger is a dream in this movie, she is unforgettably perfect as Bridget and embodies the pure essence of the character. She looks, walks and talks the part without fault and she never fails to bring a smile to my face every time I watch her perform. Alongside Collin Firth and Hugh Grant who, again, both absolutely embody their characters with complete ease. Grant’s role in this film is probably my all time favourite of his, with endless quotes to take away from this movie and some of the most cringe worthy moments, Bridget Jones’ Diary is by far one of the most comforting and uplifting romantic comedies to come out of the last decade.

Bridget Jones’ Diary has an incredible reference piece to work from and they delivered a perfect representation from the novel. We see Britishness in a natural yet comedic way and we get to see the highs and lows of womanhood. Bridget Jones represents every woman, she is an unapologetic character who makes some of the worth decisions. This movie is filled with laughs, filled with comedy and filled with romance. An unforgettable rom-com for anyone who needs a pick me up.


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