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Barbie (2023)

This is a prediction post, where we discuss some of our thoughts on upcoming releases. All comments made here are unsupported and do not describe the unreleased feature, all our opinions are based off of speculation.

  • From the widely released set photos it’s obvious this film is going to be an explosion of colour and fun - with the rollerblading snaps resembling an early 90s Barbie look we can expect plenty of references from this era of Barbie - Totally Hair Barbie and even Bride Barbie!

  • I hope to see and hear plenty of 90s pop culture references - if Barbie Girl by Aqua isn’t featured It’ll be a missed opportunity.

  • As this is a PG rated film, I doubt we’ll see Barbie breaking the rules and turning rebel. This will be a typical fish out of water story which sees Barbie learning about the modern world and adapting herself to be more universally inclusive.

With very little to go off, so far I am impressed with the overall premise of the film and the incredible shots we’ve seen of production so far. Barbie is an icon and I have no doubt that stardom will come through the screen, it will be really lovely to see Barbie take some risks and dive into modern colour (well, 90s culture). With Greta Gerwig directing it’ll no doubt be a female led story with some sweet, lighthearted comedy thrown in. I almost long for something a little deeper from this movie, breaking boundaries and crossing the line for such a ‘plastic’ character would be incredibly risky but unique!!! But I’m not getting my hopes up, this Barbie flick is going to be a nostalgia trip to memory lane, taking us into a pink explosion of girlie cuteness.

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