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What to Expect from Adam Driver's White Noise (2022) | Review

College professor Jack Gladney and his family's comfortable suburban life is upended when a nearby chemical leak causes "The Airborne Toxic Event," releasing a noxious black cloud over the region that forces the Gladney family to evacuate.

Often merging comedy and tragedy is a risky move, especially when it looks to have a political or social commentary but after watching the trailer for White Noise (2022) I am convinced this is going to be a nuanced comedy with clever storytelling and outlandish performances from Driver and Gerwig. I am excited to see Driver work his magic, as he always does, he is a fearless performer who will commit to any role and transform himself for his craft. Driver is capable of anything, any genre and any character, I have no doubt he can carry this film on his comedy chops.

Greta Gerwig and Noah Baumbach are the power couple of the century, producing some of the most unique cinematic experiences to date and I have no doubt White Noise (2022) will be added to that list. Baumbach has written and directed some incredibly beautiful pieces and after watching the trailer for this movie I am positive it is going to be a fun ride. The plot at its core is a natural disaster, we follow the story through one families handling of the tragedy, similarly to Don’t Look Up (2021) I am cure White Noise (2022) will integrate some real life questions and hopefully leave us all pondering the bigger picture after watching.

Overall, White Noise (2022) looks to be a very intriguing and unique feature. I am beyond excited to check out this movie and I hope we see a lot of comedy which will make this film a truly enjoyable experience from beginning to end.

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