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Netflix's YOU (2023) Season Four, What to Expect & Predictions

Season Four of the ongoing tale of murdering stalker, Joe Goldberg. What would you do for love? For Joe, that’s an easy question, anything. He’s followed Marienne Bellamy to London in the hopes of winning her back but he finds himself enthralled with a group of elites and a serial killer picking them off one by one.

The trailer for Netflix’s YOU (2023), Season Four, Part One dropped yesterday and it embodies the eerie essence of Joe. He’s moved his life to London, following his recent love interest from season three but, we also get a glimpse at a new lady in his life. With Joe away from the past he tries to start afresh, falling into a new clique of friends, ‘privileged douchebags’ as Joe puts it. The trailer sees him trying to fit in but slowly and surely gets found out himself, receiving threatening texts from a new predator around town. It looks like Joe is no longer the predator but the prey.

This season looks like the grand finale, giving Joe a worthy competition in his new group of friends. I think this will be a thrilling, mysterious and mostly utterly creepy addition to the series overall plot line. Joe is a flawed character but strangely likeable, I am intrigued and excited to see what unfolds this season. Murder, love, revenge and an English cup of tea.

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