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The Last of Us | Episode 1 | Review

EP01 'When You're Lost in the Darkness'

What a start to 2023, an incredible introduction to a highly anticipated series. The Last of Us is based off the action adventure game of the same name, released in 2013. This series accurately and creatively recreates the iconic game with dynamic camera angles, making use of P.O.V shots and handheld camera to emulate the player one style. We see the outbreak at the very beginning, then we jump to 20 years later. Now 2023 and Joel, played by Pedro Pascal, is in contact with his lost brother Tommy through the radio, he and Tess are trying to save up enough to eventually get to him. Ellie, played by Bella Ramsey, is his chance but he doesn’t know it yet.

The Last of Us has a deeply disturbing premise, a fungal virus has spread across the planet destroying everything and everyone in its path. This series is able to have a truly engaging plot with flawed characters acted exceptionally well, Pascal is the core, his characters backstory is utterly tragic which makes him likeable and warm, to a certain extent. Ellie is the key to a cure, she is handed over by the fire flies rebellion to try and save humanity but Joel and Tess are spectacle.

Episode one is off to an unbeatable start, setting up all the major plot points quickly and efficiently. An almost perfect beginning to what I can expect to be an incredible series, with barely any improvement points The Last of Us is well written, well performed and highly enjoyable. I highly recommend you start this series now and join in on the hype.


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