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The Disaster Artist (2017)

The Disaster Artist (2017) is based on the making of Tommy Wiseau’s cult classic disaster The Room, known to be the best worst movie of all time. James Franco transforms the true story of Wiseau’s difficult journey trying to become a famous Hollywood director into a celebration of friendship and pursing your dreams.

Before this film existed I was briefly aware of The Room and the cult following it had, i’d seen clips from the film and thought it was a joke so I was extremely intrigued to find out how it became such an awful classic and why it was even made in the first place.


I personally really enjoyed the film from start to finish, I thought it was filmed really well and the attention to detail was so impressive. Matching shots in this film from the original was so clever, it seamlessly flowed and jumped from week to week without feeling confusing to understand.

James Franco not only succeeded as the director but as the star of the show, he perfected the mannerisms and accent of Wiseau perfectly. His make up and costume also completely changed the way he held himself and moved across the frame, it was really captivating to watch and I could not take my eyes off of him. As I was more and more engrossed into the film I began to forget it was Franco, I’ve always rated Franco as an actor since I saw him star in True Story (2015). His acting ability is so far above his brother and his friends that in this film he completely out shines them all.


I find it frustrating that the cast are all best friends, you cannot have one without the other. Dave Franco and Seth Rogan are only in this movie because their best mate/brother is directing it and that makes me so sad. It slightly degraded the film for me because they are nowhere near as talented, they did not ruin the film by any means but their delivery of lines made it funny when it did not need to be. I felt like the film would have had such a more powerful impact if the whole story was not meant to be funny just like Tommy Wiseau felt in real life about The Room…


Of course, that is just my opinion but I do find it effects the seriousness of the film when the actors are simply playing themselves constantly.

Overall this movie is utterly hysterical and mad me laugh constantly, the humour is clever and far from being offensive to Tommy Wiseau. This film was made out of respect and love for the bazaar film The Room rather than creating cheap gags and slap stick comedy to make it funny. James Franco is a star and this movie proves his talents. I enjoyed the film and the story it told.

8/10 probe points


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