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That '90s Show Hits Netflix | Review

Although a promising beginning That ‘90s Show quickly fell downhill. Sadly, this series solely relied on the appearance of Red and Kitty played by the incomparable Kurtwood Smith and Debra Jo Rupp. The first and final episodes were the obvious stand outs, seeing the classic characters return in some unforgettable cameos was beyond nostalgic and truly special. Being a fan of That ‘70s Show (1998) I patiently awaited the arrival of this spin off series and expected a lot from it. The show delivered in comedy and fun, for new audiences watching I have no doubt they’ll enjoy this slapstick comedy filled with jokes and endless decade references. The new cast are genuinely likeable, a dynamic group of teens who all bring unique and distinct performances. It’s impossible to compare them to their predecessors but I think they held up pretty well regardless. Each new addition had their own storyline which was fun to watch unfold.

That ‘70s Show (1998) lasted eight seasons and I have no doubt That ‘90s Show (2023) will try and live up to the same success, with ten episodes to binge I recommend this series for an easy sitcom watch. Although this series isn’t my favourite, I do appreciate reinventing the classic series and bringing back some brilliant characters for a new audience. I miss the old characters, I wish we could follow them into their lives as adults rather than their kids- I think it could have been a better route to being the adults back to their childhood home and see how they’d cope under the same roof as their parents. In saying that, I really enjoyed seeing Fez (Wilmer Valderrama) in his element, he was a stand out performance and character for me. Overall, if you take out all of the cameos (which there are a lot of), That ‘90s Show would be pretty basic reimagining, fun nonetheless but I’d always go back to the 70s!


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