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Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017)

I have always been a Disney/Marvel fan and no matter how much I disliked this film I will continue to go to the cinema and watch every superhero film they make.

Spider-Man Homecoming (2017) was different. Changing and adapting an old movie into something new to attract a new audience is normally a natural progression, although this Spider-Man did not feel like an easy change for me. Spider-Man has been represented A LOT within Hollywood, meaning everyone knows the story already. Everyone knows Peter Parker and his journey so I understand why Disney wanted to adapt from the original, but in saying that this adaptation a little too different.


The characters are too modern and have not changed for the better, Disney tried to make Peter Parker a lot cooler than he has ever been but Parker is classically nerdy. The fact that Tom Holland’s Peter Parker did not make his own super suit and does not even shoot his own webs from his wrists just upset me! I felt like the comics and the previous films had been completely ignored in order to produce this film, if we did not have the comics we would not have a Spier-Man to begin with. Although Holland did a brilliant job and I do believe he is a marvellous actor… he is no Peter Parker to me. Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield did a far better job at representing this nerdy, awkward and cocky character.

The narrative in a nutshell consists of Peter Parker returning home to New York after working with the Avengers. Bored of his mundane lifestyle he seeks adventure, luckily he crosses paths with arms dealer the Vulture (Keaton) and finally has some fun.


Yes, the narrative was a typical superhero story, hero vs villain. This narrative could have easily impressed me if it was not full of distracting cameos, if Iron man or Captain America was not on screen then a random famous face would appear to confuse you. I felt like too much money was thrown at this film with no intention of making it tasteful. I’m not even going to start on the fact that Aunt May is a young attractive women…. again just changing character types for no benefit to the narrative.

I was excited to see Zendaya’s adaptation of MJ, unfortunately she appeared to be in the film for less for five minutes. This irritated me because I was led to believe she was a prominent character to the narrative as they included her in all of the publicity towards the film. Although this is not a big deal to the film itself I have included it in my review because it shows that the film itself needed an extra something for audiences because the narrative was not going to attract much attention on its own.


Of course they have set themselves up for a second instalment and I will of course watch it. I hope Tom Holland remains a bubbly, happy Parker and I hope Zendaya is it in more. I hope next time they pick a better villain, I am aware that The Vulture is a comic book villain but there is a lot of choice and they picked that one.

At the end of this review It must like I despised this film. I only disliked, I love Spider-Man and I love superheroes so to see a character I’ve grown up with and love so much changed and ruined makes me sad and disheartened. I hope Disney continue to make superhero films and I pray that the next addition is better than this one.

3/10 probe points.


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