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She-Hulk: Attorney At Law (2022)

She-Hulk: Attorney at Law (2022) is the newest Marvel mini series to hit Disney Plus, did we ask for this series? No. Did we need this series? Definitely not. Did I enjoy it? Surprisingly, yes! Although She Hulk had its flaws, quite a few of them, the series as a whole was really fun and didn’t take itself too seriously. The concept of the endless marvel cinematic universe is a little hard to swallow, it was refreshing to watch a series with a variety of new characters and a plot which was pretty quirky and distinctly different from anything we’ve seen before. This isn’t your ‘typical’ marvel series, it’s breaks the stereotypes and literally the forth wall, many times! I love a meta series which comments on itself and changes the directory of the story on its own. I enjoyed the meta commentary, it was the sort of comedy I usually enjoy!

Tatiana Maslany is an incredible actress, her realistic, relatable personality shined through the character. She was the perfect choice for the role and carried the series on her very talented shoulders. I thought the forth wall breaks and commentary really added to the series overall entertainment, without these moments it would have been basic but adding these techniques helped the series feel unique and dynamic with its viewers.

She Hulk and Daredevil is the best couple in the MCU, I was so beyond pleased to see these characters meet! I truly hope to see this develop but I’m not holding my breath. Relatability, She-Hulk was depicted as a real woman! The parallels between She Hulk trying navigating her normal life was fun, seeing her being a ‘real’ woman, vulnerable and open, it was new for Marvel and I enjoyed that! I’m pleased to see any new female characters!

The obvious - the special effects. It’s so sad to see a series rushed and forced onto the platform too early. Disney are churning out series after series at a demanding rate, it’s unnecessary and negatively affecting the shows content. She Hulk wasn’t given enough time to be fully developed, she deserved better. Some moments tried incredibly hard to be relatable and millennial, I would have happily cut the Megan The Stallion moments along with a few others.

Overall, She-Hulk: Attorney at Law (2022) is not your typical Marvel series. Sadly, most marvel fans will hate this series but I found it to be refreshing and fun. This series doesn’t directly affect the running storyline, it’s purely exists for entertainment and I appreciate that. You can watch She-Hulk having seen no other Marvel series or movies, which is a positive! Finally! I enjoyed this series, I found the characters to be truly likeable and original, Tatiana was perfection in the role and I enjoyed watching the development of her character coming to terms with her new found powers. We may not see She-Hulk again but I really hope we do.


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