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Shaun Of The Dead

Where do I begin? Shaun Of The Dead (2004) is and always will be one of my all time favourites. Simon Pegg and Nick Frost are artistic geniuses, I love their work. This comedic fantasy film follows the story of Shaun (Pegg) a loser who lives with best friend Ed (Frost) also a loser. Both live on the dull outskirts of London, slowly realising their quite little town has been overrun with zombies. This is Shaun’s chance to prove himself by protecting his family and friends.


Mixing horror and humour in the perfect way, this film will have you in stitches. It’s by far one of the greatest British comedies, embodying everything sarcastic and tabooed that we love. Every joke is left long enough to land perfectly, the timing of the violence doesn’t make this film gory instead its hilarious.

Lets start with the first scene which shows us a glimpse of the zombie innovation, Shaun wakes up hungover and goes for a walk to the shop to pick up that iconic cornetto. After obliviously walking through the streets not noticing any of these mysterious figures moving closer to him we start to realise whats happened. The fact that Shaun is so clueless makes this scene so captivating to watch. This is followed by the brilliant one on one encounter with the zombie girl in the garden that Shaun and Ed are amused by because they think she’s drunk. This lighthearted humour touches the hearts of all Brits, their language and casual swearing makes each moment funny. It’s hard to find a real movie that actually makes you laugh constantly, this is a diamond in the rough.


I could easily talk about every single scene in this film, but lets move on to another brilliant moment further on. Director Edgar Wright perfectly put together the scene where Shaun explains his ‘plan’ to save his mum and girlfriend. This scene embodies the naivety of the characters, cutting to a fairy tale like game plan were everyone’s happy and skipping around. If you listen closely this scene alone mentions so many British stereo types, apologising profusely, having a cup of tea, pubs and having a pint. It’s perfectly put together and I love the humour and casual attitude towards the apocalypse, it’s not like any zombie film ever.


This classic comedy goes down in history for the talented acting throughout, if you’re a fan of Pegg or Frost then you’ve probably seen this before. It’s most defiantly one of their best, they act along side each other like Batman and Robin. They’re a dynamic duo of acting and I love their creativity in this film. 

If you love good acting and good writing have no fear, this is a bloody good film.

Go to the Winchester, have a nice cold pint, and wait for all of this to blow over.



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