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Run Rabbit Run (2023)

Run Rabbit Run is a psychological thriller with a number of compelling moments but as a whole, this film is rather unoriginal and somewhat threadbare. Typical ghost story tropes were used throughout which left little to the imagination, I could predict the sinister ending from the first moment we met these characters. There is no doubt this film is executed well, directed and filmed with precision but nonetheless, these elements didn’t distract from the minimal and enigmatic narrative which ran repetitive and overused.

Snook is widely regarded as a reliable actress who delivered a solid role in Succession and it’s sad to admit but this role was a waste of her talent. Although she appeared to be the glue which kept this feature together, she couldn’t distract me from the overused horror tropes and her characters unsurprising demise.

Overall, I was unsure of what to expect but I was still left feeling unsatisfied. I found the film to be overdrawn and full of mindless and unimportant moments. Sarah Snook was the primary reason I decided to watch this feature, her performance was faultless but she deserved a better executed film. Run Rabbit Run (2023) had a handful of suspenseful moments but it was overshadowed by the overfamiliar storyline we’ve seen time and time again.


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