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Raw Romance of the Reality, Past Lives (2023) | Film Review

Over the course of 24 years, childhood sweethearts rekindle their past together and learn neither one of them truly moved on. Past Lives (2023) is a charming tale of romance, relationships and growth, this film dives into the mundane lives of two individuals but injects life into every possible moment; even in moments of silence the intention is loud and clear.

Past Lives (2023) is a slow burning romance drama with engaging performances and a sense of reality which cannot go unnoticed. This feature is a raw display of what the heart wants and how people will always find a way back to one another but this film is not a Hollywood style romance this film is depicted with believability and reality on its side. Meaning, the ending is believable and raw to watch. You feel as though this story unravels the way it would in real life and it was perfectly executed.

Past Lives was an overdrawn watch filled with plenty of pauses and elongated silences, although these moments added to the films overall tone and believability it was a little disengaging at times and I found myself wandering. Although, when my attention was gained again the film was magnificently warm and charming, the performances were simplistically honest and I enjoyed watched the potential each character had.


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