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Raunchy Teen Comedy, Bottoms (2023) | Film Review

Bottoms is a 2023 American satirical teen comedy directed by Emma Seligman, who co-wrote it with Rachel Sennott, who also stars in the film. Bottoms is a refreshingly unique, raunchy and unapologetic movie filled with charm and comedy. Bottoms is an easy movie to have fun watching, the jokes are crude and the performances are awkwardly endearing. This film is simplistic and affective, although the plot was light and airy the execution was beyond entertaining.

Unpopular best friends PJ and Josie start a high school fight club to meet girls and lose their virginity. They soon find themselves in over their heads when the most popular students start beating each other up in the name of self-defense.

There is no doubt that Bottoms is both wacky and weird but I can confidently say it was never dull. As a whole the film was boisterous and appealing to the modern generation of teens. Bottoms incorporated plenty of heavy themes which were disguised under the humour but landed well, each character had a backstory to relate to and I really enjoyed each of their journeys.

Overall, Bottoms was a surprisingly enjoyable watch from beginning to end. The plot was slapstick and poked fun of the world and its standards, imposing the question of gender roles and expectations. The whole idea of a fight club was ingenious, ridiculous but brilliant. I thoroughly enjoyed the evolution of each character and their gradual evolution towards the grand finale fight.


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