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Black Widow (2021)

While it has taken too long for Black Widow to get her solo movie, she uses this opportunity to blow up the patriarchy and reclaim her story. Centred around the red room, this epic revenge story brings Natasha Romanoff closer to her estranged family as they suit up to fight the man who stole her as a child and raised her to kill, Dreykov. Firstly, the subject matter was a lot heavily than I expected, the opening credits and introduction to characters was emotional and only made me respect Natasha more than I already did. Marvel have been longing for a dramatic female revenge story and finally Black Widow gives us everything we wanted. Is this the film Black Widow deserves? Most definitely. She couldn’t have been given a better spin off and send off before her untimely demise.

This is Black Widow’s love letter to Marvel, giving her the ultimate send off and saying one last goodbye to our avenger. On the up side, this sets up the future for her sister Yelena Belova’s (Florence Pugh) narrative. If you didn’t sit in the cinema and wait for the post credit scene then you would have missed the moment when Yelena knows her next target… Hawkeye. This reveal got my blood pumping because Florence Pugh was cast to perfection and honestly held her own against the triumph of Scarlett Johansson. Pugh brought the comedy and the emotion to this story and her was dedicated to her accent was tremendous. In regard to the lows, there aren’t many, I found setting up the Red Guardian to be slightly anti climactic? Unless they plan on doing a spin off with Captain America I didn’t really see the point of Alexei big reveal? Not to say I didn’t enjoy his performance I just felt it added very little to the overall story.

Overall, this film was full of action, revenge, strong characters and big questions for future projects. This film slot perfectly into the timeline and I thought it was the only way we could all have to closure for Black Widow, we can now close her chapter and move on with a new story following her incredible sister. This film brought us the emotion, the backstory to Black Widow I always wanted, the explanation I always needed to understand her further. I cannot wait to see what doors this film opens up for the future and I am fully ready for the Red Guardian, Hawkeye and other spin offs. Bring on the next generation of Marvel, Black Widow has paved the way for strong female characters to force themselves into this franchise and it’s about bloody time!


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