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Please Hold My Hand, The Last of Us | Episode 4 | Review

‘Please Hold My Hand’ introduces us to a new threat, no longer worried about the clickers, Joel and Ellie find themselves trapped and hunted by a rebellion group. Episode 04 is so far the least compelling episode as it is mostly used as a transition episode, setting up new characters and new threats to our leads. Episode 04 simply distracts us from the central plot, getting Ellie to the Fireflies and Joel finding his brother.

This episode is a slow burner, we watch as Joel and Ellie travel across the country in hopes of staying hidden and unharmed. Sadly… the episode doesn’t stay as a light hearted road trip but quickly transcends into a fight for survival. The Last of Us keeps viewers on their toes, I love how quickly the characters can go from safety to danger within seconds and see Joel and Ellie’s relationship slowly blossom into something truly lovable.

Spoilers ahead:

Episode four is a filled episode and doesn’t quite grasp our attention until the very end when Joel and Ellie are woken up to a father and son duo who the rebellion appear to be searching for. Do Joel and Ellie join forces with the new mysterious members? I liked how this episode left us on a major cliff hanger and unable to wait for the next episode!


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