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Bo Burnham's Inside (2021)

There is no doubt that Bo Burnham has an abundance of talent, his song writing, comedic timing and visual artistry band together to create a show stopping piece of cinema. This completely wacky piece of film created solely in lockdown, in one single room by one single man is definitely a shock to the senses. A claustrophobic masterpiece some may say? Maybe.

Although this feature is incredibly relatable during a time of so much self reflection and restriction, we have all been forced inside, all forced to look inside ourselves and re-evaluate, which is what I took away from this special. In saying that, the stand out was the song writing, the stand up comedy moments and meta commentary was all brilliant but nothing topped Bo Burnham’s obvious talent behind music. His songs, all funny but all displaying a deeper meaning, narrating lockdown, narrating what we have too done and how we have all adapted to this pandemic.

Nowadays if something blows up on TikTok it’s successful, which I personally don’t approve of but as I said, this is the new world we live it. In saying that, some of the songs from this special have flooded the app and that’s how I knew about the feature before seeing it on Netflix’s recommended. Nonetheless, the songs are very catchy and honestly some are very funny but i personally find it annoying when the TikTokers of the world grab hold of something and reuse it until it’s dead. I personally can’t hear his songs anymore because the lyrics have been over saturated on social media. Which is sad.

Nonetheless, I enjoyed this feature, would I watch again? Definitely not. Is it the best piece of cinema I’ve seen in lockdown? No. But it was most definitely an interesting, unique and memorable film. I now have a greater respect and admiration for Bo Burnham who before this feature was simply the love interest from ‘Promising Young Woman’ (to me anyway). This is definitely something you should watch at least once, give it a go and please tell me what you think!


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