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Pamela Anderson's Netflix Love Story | Review

Regardless of the documentaries genres general intention to appear unbiased and natural, a lot of them fail to come across as raw and genuine as Pamela did in this feature. Seeing her in a normal and family setting truly turned her iconic image on its head. Showing us a new, insightful and unapologetically lovable version of Pamela that we should have seen years ago. This insightful movie shows us behind the scenes of Pamela’s life now and when she was in the public eye, she gives full artistic control over to the creators of the feature and trusts them to show everything necessary to the audience.

Pamela, a love story (2023) was a light hearted yet painful retelling of Pamela’s struggles during her life, touching on the sex tape scandal and how that affected her career and relationships but also peeling away the curtain to reveal her sweet and somewhat ‘normal’ attitude to life and love. We see Pamela reminisce moments from her past but also step away from those moments which are too much. It was a truly delightful watch and I enjoyed every moment, seeing her fresh faced in her adorable beach side home, trailing through video tapes with her sons was a positive and enjoyable viewing experience.

Overall, Pamela’s documentary gave us a secret look into her life. We got to see the implications of her past and how those media lies and frenzies could have ruined her. She has an optimistic and fore filling outlook on life and lets very little phase her. I highly recommend this series for any fan of the Pam & Tommy (2022) series of Disney + as it tells you the reality and severity of the real situation.


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