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New Netflix Thriller, Mask Girl (2023) | Review

This South Korean thriller tells the story of, Kim Mo-mi, an office worker who is insecure about her looks. To escape from her boring, unsatisfying life she becomes a masked internet personality by night. Soon enough, her online identity spirals her into a chain of ill-fated events which overtake her life.

With the global popularity of Squid Game (2021) and a number of other Korean made television, when Mask Girl (2023) appeared on my suggested to watch page I was truly intrigued. From the poster and the trailer this show appeared to be surface level, a mediocre narrative with little difference to previous American shows i'd seen in the past. Although, after watching the first two episodes I was utterly shocked and surprised by the trajectory of this tv series. Mask Girl (2023) was nothing like I expected it to be, what starts as a rom-com style comedy with an unattractive girl in the centre quickly spirals out of control and into a high speed thriller mystery. Do not be fooled by the marketing of this series, it is far more engaging and truly entertaining.

Combining the typical soapy storytelling of K-dramas with the thrilling action of turn of the century Korean cinema, Mask Girl (2023) is unpredictable and undeniably unique. At no moment can you predict where the story is going, each episode introduces a new character or threat and we delve deeper into a complex narrative or murder, mystery and revenge.

If this mini-series has appeared on your Netflix page and you've scrolled right past it based off of the poster or trailer, go back to it. I can confidently say this series will be nothing like you expect it to be and you will be pleasantly surprised at how original and complex the narrative is. This is a thrilling, almost horror series with strong and heavy themes of violence and suffering. An unforgettable watch to anyone who loves to experiment with new styles of television.


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