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Netflix Newest Teen Rom-Com, XO, Kitty (2023) | Review

‘To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before’ has been an unexpected phenomenon since the first films release in 2018, Kitty has been a likeable character in all three of those features but now she finally has her own series. In all honesty, I didn’t enjoy the ‘To All The Boys…’ movies but I still gave this series a shot and I am thankful I did, it should go without saying this series is marketed towards teenagers and younger audiences but regardless, I actually had a good time watching it.

Young Kitty is desperate to feel closer to her late mother and decides to attend her old school in Seoul, South Korea, her long-distance boyfriend also happens to be a student there with the hopes of surprising him. Of course, when she arrives she is met with a harsh dose of reality as her boyfriend appears to already have a girlfriend. We follow Kitty’s journey as she learns more about her mother and gets to the bottom of her boyfriends betrayal.

The series was surprisingly entertaining, nowhere near as cringey as the ‘To All The Boys’ series of films. This series had a core plot with some genuinely intriguing elements, involving Kitty’s mothers past was a great way to fill out the storyline and step away from the ‘boy’ drama. Exploring Kitty’s sexuality and identity was an important decision to make for the character, it’s great to see diversity within this show with both sexuality and racial representation.

The series is a perfect watch for younger audiences and those who are fans of the original movies, Kitty is an engaging and likeable character who carries the series from beginning to end. Although this series isn’t my usual go-to watch, I didn’t regret watching it, I recommend to anyone who likes a light hearted comedy and a little bit of silly drama.

This show isn’t groundbreaking but it truly surprised me, the cast were all brilliant within their roles and brought a truly likeable group of character together on screen. I am sure this won’t be the end of Kitty, I have no doubt we will see more and I look forward to seeing what is next.


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