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Netflix LBGT Teen Drama, Heartstopper, Season 2 (2023) | Review

Although I truly embrace the intentions of this series and understand is popularity, I found its second season to be filled with too much content. Season two is full of characters and full of alternate storylines and development, we barely get a chance to breathe due to all of the crossing narratives battling for the spotlight. Charlie and Nick’s relationship blossoms within this season and they get a lot of screen time together but their story didn’t feel like the primary focus, their relationship was the constant within the series but didn’t quite develop enough.

I can admit I am not the target audience for this series, it is purely made for teens and I am confidently say I am not the target demographic. Despite that, I can’t help myself but watch. Heartstopper has been a Netflix hit for a reason, it’s woke storytelling and mass representation of all identities is refreshing and truly awakening for younger audiences. Heartstopper attempts to challenge all stereotypes and shine light on all walks of life; gender, sexuality, race and so much more. Heartstopper is a show for the modern teenager, a show which tells them being yourself is ok and embracing a side to your personality society might not like, is ok.

Overall, Heartstopper season two (2023) is a steady progression from season one. Although not a lot physically happens from episode one to episode eight, we get to see some fun and vulnerable moments within each characters story arc. I know plenty of young people watching this series are able to identify and relate to the characters, it must be beyond encouraging to see a character which represents who you are. For young people this show is revolutionary, I simply wish it had a little more conviction, this series could be so compelling and so intriguing if they concentrated on one storyline rather than ten at once. Charlie and Nick are likeable characters who would have benefited from some more challenging obstacles within their relationship. Heartstopper is a little too simple and lacks some originality but in saying that, for the target audience I have no doubt this season will be a hit.


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