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Millie Bobby Brown Stars in Netflix Damsel (2024) | Film Review

A young woman agrees to marry a handsome prince, soon she discovers it was all a trap. She is thrown into a cave with a fire-breathing dragon and must rely solely on her wits and will to survive.

Millie stars in the titular role of the helpless princess turned saviour, a fairy tale adventure of courage, action and revenge. The characters are endearing enough to keep you engaged for the beginning of this film, the intriguing storyline keeps you on the edge of you seat - for a moment. Sadly, this intrigue does not hold throughout the films runtime, after the first half an hour my interest was lost and the characters no longer had a hold on me. Brown is cast brilliantly in this role, she fits the style and atmosphere of the movie and I believe she could be a princess in this universal - though, in saying that, her performance style was hard to digest. She delivered every line with barely any emotion and kept her range to a minimum, her character was one dimensional and she sadly over acted her way through the plot.

This film felt too familiar, too predictable, in saying that I can admit this film was not made for me; I am not the target audience. I knew the outcome before it had even happened and the climax of the film was barely climactic, this film only gradually intensified and had very little shock factor overall.

Overall, Damsel was a lacklustre attempt at a fantasy adventure. I found the characters to be forgettable along with the story. I wouldn't recommend this feature for adults but I do think it's target audience of early teens would thoroughly enjoy this simple feature.


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