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Kin, The Last of Us | Episode 6 | Review

Three months have passed since Henry and Sam’s deaths in Episode five. Joel and Ellie finally reach hope when they stumble upon a thriving town in Wyoming. Joel is reunited with his brother Tommy who has been living with the community there.

Through Episode six we start to see Joel’s age and health take a toll on him, worried he won’t be able to protect Ellie any further he confides in his brother and ask him to take Ellie onto the Fireflies. Of course, this doesn’t pan out as Joel cares about Ellie, the two travel onto Colorado by horseback in the hopes of finding the fireflies. As they find the firefly base they learn they’ve fled the base and moved onto Utah, as Ellie and Joel make way to Utah they are attacked by raiders and one stabs Joel- the episode ends with Joel unconscious in the snow and Ellie begging him to wake up.

Episode six is a whirlwind of immaculate acting chops from Pascal, beyond stunning scenic landscapes and genuine development in the narrative. We see a lot in this episode, a lot of references to the game but most importantly the story really cranks up the speed and the characters accomplish a lot on their journey. Episode six was heartwarming, thrilling and tragic- being left on a cliff hanger that big is simply unfair. I thoroughly enjoyed this next instalment in The Last of Us, every episode is developing with the right rhythm, not a moment in the episode felt boring or overdrawn, every second is enticing and truly enjoyable to watch.


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