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Is 'The Watcher' (2022) Worth Watching?

A family moves into their dream home, only to be plagued by ominous letters, strange neighbours and sinister threats.

Created by the expert minds behind American Horror Story, this series has some big audience expectations to be fulfilled. With seven episodes making up season one we see a slow build up of tension from the very beginning, The Watcher has an eerie atmosphere from the start and that feeling doesn’t quite go away. Essentially, this series tries to pin everyone as ‘the watcher’, each episode we are convinced it is someone new, the speculation and constant addition of unsettling characters keeps the audience on its toes until the shows final moments.

The cast all brought diverse performances which helped keep the story interesting and mysterious. Every character had secrets, it was truly entertaining to watch them all be unveiled. On a more technical note, the choice of The Watchers narration was a great addition to the shows overall atmosphere, it was so disturbing to hear the voice whilst the letters were being read and it happened to be a creepy robotic voice which didn't sit well when I was trying to sleep after watching!

Jennifer Coolidge was perfectly cast in the role of Karen, the overbearing, tightly wound real estate agent who pressures the family to make decisions - Coolidge can often project comedy but she handled this character very well.

Sadly, the series did loose my attention a few times. From episodes three to five I was a little underwhelmed. The story seems to slow down to a holt and very little happened, we were given a lot of build up which resulted in little reveal. The Watcher could have benefited from being a mini series, fitting it all into five episodes could have kept the focus better rather than dragging out moments which felt unnecessary.

Overall, I’m pleased I finally sat down and watched The Watcher (2022)! It was presented as a thriller mystery and that is definitely what we got. The storyline was genuinely creepy and one which can play on your mind over and over, this series was entertaining and unique - especially when you come to learn it’s based off true events! Disturbingly calm and tragically mundane, this series uses the simple and understated to scare you and its characters.

A simple story with an overbearing, overseeing eye which will haunt your thoughts but is it worth watching? Film Probe says, yes. The Watcher is definitely worth your time, but the real question someone watching you right now?


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