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Is Scream 6 Worth Watching? | REVIEW

Scream VI (AKA Scream 6) is the newest slasher film to join the franchise. This film serves as a sequel to Scream (2022) and as the sixth instalment in the Scream saga. The filmmakers Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett are slowly but surely reinventing what Wes Craven brought us and keeping audiences interested in ghost face after all this time.

There’s movies are made for the fans, the true fans who have seen every Scream movie previous and are die hard horror fans. Of course, the franchise is open for new fans all the time but it’s a truly special experience going to watch a new Scream movie because you feel part of the community. Scream VI continues Craven’s legacy with pride and respect. I have no doubt that Wes Craven would adore these new additions to his story, Scream VI (2023) embodies everything a Scream movie should be. Meta; commenting on itself and being overtly self aware, comedic; using slapstick and over the top methods of killing to spark pure comedy, gore and horror; having some of the most brutal deaths and lastly, nobody is safe.

The Scream movies are cliched and borderline slapstick but those qualities make these films iconic and timeless. This film directly follows on from Scream (2022) and heavily incorporates all of the previous Scream movies (that means watching all five previous films, helps), we see cameos from familiar faces and typical horror movie tropes from beginning to end. In this film, nobody is safe, not even the brilliant legacy character, dun dun dun!

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed this sixth instalment. The addition of new characters are all so likeable and I truly loved the narrative, of course, you don’t go to watch a Scream movie for plot but the reveal of this one was really impactful and truly surprising which isn’t common. Often these films are predictable but this film really challenged me as a fan, trying to piece together the ending was more difficult than ever and I appreciated the attention to detail. I also want to add that the beginning to this film was one of the best, Scream (2022) saw Jenna Ortega reenacting Drew Barrymore unforgettable opening scene but this movie saw Samara Weaving bring a unique take on the classic opening scene. Highly thrilling, highly entertaining and if you’re a fan I have no doubt you will enjoy.


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