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Is Encanto Disney's Best Animated Feature ever? | Review

Encanto (2021) is a beautifully vibrant and bold Disney movie with unforgettable musical renditions from the highly acclaimed Lin Manuel Miranda. Encanto showcases a broad sense of reality and inclusivity, giving us some of the relatable and diverse characters we’ve seen from Disney in a long time.

The primary reason this movie belongs on my top 100 list is the music, the music throughout this film is like a virus. Once you catch it you can’t let it go, it overpowers you with all types of emotion and leaves you feel fulfilled and content by the end. It’s rare that every song from a movie is a hit but Encanto truly has a full soundtrack of memorable and highly creatively written songs which appeal to both a adult and child audience. Encanto (2021) perfectly merged Disney’s audience demographic, not being too childish and bringing the perfect balance of love, comedy, family and heartbreak.

Easily one of the best animated features Disney have released in the last few years, a true depiction of the importance of family and believing in yourself. A beautiful message for young viewers but a highly engaging and entertaining movie for everyone.


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