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Is Alice in Borderland better than Squid Game? | S1 REVIEW

With a comparable premise to the widely appreciated Squid Game (2021), Alice in Borderland (2020) is a uniquely compelling and unforgettable Japanese thriller. On the surface, the series centres around a group of misfits as they manoeuvre a world of deadly games orchestrated by a mysterious game-master. With heavy post apocalyptic theming and brilliant ominous music throughout, Alice in Borderland is a cohesive, well rounded and utterly entertaining series from beginning to end.

This review concentrates on the development of season one, the first episode was truly unforgettable. Being thrown into the narrative so harshly was beyond entertaining and truly set the tone for the whole season, Kento Yamazaki who plays the lead role of Ryohei is magnificent in the title role. His development and overall character through this season is one of the most compelling features, his presence is the core of the series and I was beyond impressed by his acting abilities; along with the whole cast.

Alice in Borderland (2020) is a true depiction of unique television, it tells a story which still stands on its own two feet regardless of any similarities with popular television shows in recent years. In reality, it is incomparable, the narrative is complex, giving us clue to decipher and characters to analyse. From episode one to episode eight we see a huge jump in character and story, the show is fast paced and leaves no stone unturned. Whilst setting up for season two this series is beyond intriguing and couldn’t get enough.

It is difficult to compare the two shows as both are uniquely entertaining in their own right, in saying that, I watched Squid Game when it was first released. I clicked on it straight away and loved every second which unfolded on my screen. Alice in Borderland has been a new found obsession for me, I only recently discovered it and binged both seasons very quickly. As I said, it is difficult to compare one another but I do think Alice in Borderland has a more disturbing premise and better core plot. The idea of the cards having a direct impact on the games and the overarching references to Alice in Wonderland is truly fascinating and a element to the series which I really appreciated.

Overall, Alice in Borderland (2020) is a creative, engaging and completely shocking series that uses everything at its disposal. Gore, horror, murder, love, friendship, sacrifice, survival but most of all human nature. Alice in Borderland (2020) plays with the idea of human nature and how we’d act when put in this frightening situation, left to take care of ourselves. The series can be disturbing at times, the games are often uncomfortable to watch but that is the entertaining element, this series bares all and isn’t afraid to do too much.


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