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Infected, The Last of Us | Episode 2 | Review

The characters are now outside of the wall, they’re vulnerable and the second episode of The Last of Us showcases an ongoing tension throughout, without a moment of relief. I felt as though I couldn’t breathe whilst watching, this episode is highly suspenseful and beyond terrifying- plus we get out first experience with the clickers… Joel and Tess find out why Ellie is so important, she reveals that she could be the answer to a potential cure. The views of outside the wall are cinematic, a spectacular depiction of destruction and despair. The sets are completely immersive, showing what happens when nature takes over and it emulates the video games perfectly.

Spoilers ahead: Ellie is a light hearted character, keeping the story grounded and often distracts from the disturbing and darker moments. Joel and Ellie’s interactions start to become softer in this episode, although he is still wary of her. Sadly, to those of us who knew this was coming we see Tess’ demise, she was a brilliantly developed character and it was sad to see her come to an end. Although, she went out with a bang, a truly memorable exit for such a strong character. Episode two is just as iconic as episode one, if not more so, I thoroughly enjoyed seeing the characters outside the wall, fully immersed in the new world. This episodes stand out moment was the special affects to create the overgrown landscapes and unreal backdrops.


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