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Euphoria (2019)

Season one.

A coming of age drama which depicts the trails and tribulations of high school, drugs, love, social media and money. Euphoria is an expression of colour, gender and sexuality, season one introduces us to the misfits, the primary group of outcasts who run this story. The plot centres around Rue (Zendaya), a drug addict teen who falls in love with Jules (Hunter Schafer), the new girl. Simply following their unconventional love story, Euphoria is far from simplistic, the television drama pushes the boundaries of tv; the lighting, the costume, the camera movements, the series is a visual explosion of creativity and uniqueness. The cast is strong, each actor holds their own in the heavy plot lines and intense scenes. Zendaya is the stand out for a reason though, she is believable and completely captivating but her surrounding cast all support her brilliantly.

A masterpiece of television, definitely targeted towards the 'new' generation with references and non apologetic use of gender and sexuality. A truly magical experience to watch.


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