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Dead To Me (2022), The Finale Everyone is Talking About | Review

Dead To Me is a complex drama filled with twist after twist, we see the characters combat endless challenges through this new series and we watch as friendships blossom and relationships develop in your more, unconventional way. Lead characters Jen (Applegate) and Judy (Cardellini) are a perfect duo, in every way, their comedic moments are performed brilliantly and their most heart felt, emotional moments are executed even better. I adore the chemistry between the two actress’ and their characters, their friendship is the core of the series and shows how well written characters can carry a series along with some wacky storylines and crazy killer moments.

Overall, Dead To Me season three was an excellently executed series which complimented the previous season seamlessly. After three seasons we can confidently say goodbye to Jen and Judy, their journeys come to a rounded close which answered all questions and left no stone unturned, of course, I would love to see more but season three ended on a high note. Through tears of joy I can happily say, this series is one to remember, the season finale left us wanting more but also left audiences feeling full knowing how their lives will continue. Christina Applegate and Linda Cardellini are sensational actors who combat every bit of chaos with nuanced performances and lovable dark comedy.

Combining all three seasons this is a memorable show with a compelling storyline which never leaves you unfulfilled, epic character development which leaves you contemplating who’s good and who’s bad, brilliantly written - I’m truly sad to see it end.


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